Saturday, October 30, 2010


There is much talk of surgery around these parts. We're all praying that my mother doesn't have to have shoulder surgery because of the Calcium deposits in her shoulder (you can pray for her too if you want!). And my Father just got his knee surgeried on today! (not a word, I know, but I'm going with it) 
Funny thing though, my Dad is a horrible patient. He doesn't like to listen to the things the doctors tell him, such as no walking or putting weight on it for a little while. Silly dad!
So, after all of the preamble...

I was standing in my kitchen tonight, right after my mom and I had just rebuked my dad for walking, while my mom and dad headed to the neighbors for a halloween party; my mom was dressed as a nurse and my dad as her patient. Perfect, right? like whoa. As they were heading out my Dad was by the front door and my mom was at the garaged door and my Dad yells to her,
"How cold is it outside?"
and my mother yells back,
"Oh goodness, you're fine. You don't need a coat." and then leaves out the garage, leaving my Dad to manage the front door all alone.
A few seconds later I hear,
"Gosh dangit! Stop doing that!... whoever keeps leaving the screen shut when you close the door, STOP IT!"

Yes.. You are correct. My father crutched himself right into the screen....

I love my family.

P.S. pictures of my thrifty finds coming soon!! 

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