Thursday, October 28, 2010

So Domestic!

I want to be crafty. 

The only problem with being crafty is that you have to have the cash and time to do the things you want. AND, you have to be willing to shop around if you want to save on the cash. But, I really want to do the projects I have in mind and looking through crafty blogs has not been making resisting any easier. I'm going to do it!

 I'm already knitting a scarf. That's a step in the right direction, isn't it? I'm about half way through, but I haven't been as diligent as I could be with it.  My goal is to finish it in... 10 days from today. Unfortunately, my knitting has not been enough to sedate my need for going forth and creating so I have decided I'm going to take the time to teach myself to sew. Ambitious? Perhaps. But, that's what Youtube how-to videos are for, right? I am going to go out shopping today with my lovely friend Michelle (after I go to the dentist, joy) and we are going to a bunch of thrift stores to find things I can teach myself to alter. WIN!

I will report back on my findings.



  1. Girl, I wish I knew how to knit. Jealous!

  2. i feel your pain...i want to be crafty too. I made a t-shirt blanket last year and didnt know what to do for the bottom so i've been looking around everytime i go into stores that has a fabric section. I know what i want to do now, i just need to find the time. And thats the hard part!!!