Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love from an Unexpected Source

Sometimes life gives you beautiful moments. You’re just walking along, minding your own business and then life hands you a big batch of already made lemonade. It is a wonderful experience, my friends.

Well, to get to the point, one of these moments was handed to me to today. I was with two of my beautiful roommates in IF at the mall. My roomie Karen needed to get new shirts because she hadn’t gone shopping since she got off of her mission and was in desperate need of some new stuff. Who waits a full year to go shopping after you get off a mission? Karen does that’s who! But anyways, I was meandering through Wet Seal as she shopped when she and Peyton went into the dressing rooms. I stood near the entrance waiting there for them as they tried on the clothing when I turned around to wander around I turned to see the beautiful little face of a downs girl. She was grinning wildly as she shakes the hand of a woman standing nearby that had been smiling at her. She smiles and giggles as happy a clam to be sitting in a cart the shape of a car with eyes for headlights and seeing all of these people. As she’s shaking hands I walk around her cart watching and smiling along with everyone else when all of the sudden she reaches out and grabs my hand to shake it. I turn to give her my full attention when she unexpectedly pulls my arm in real close so my face is right there, gives me a HUGE kiss and then shouts out, “PRINCESS!” She then starts chatting away unintelligibly. It was adorable. It was uplifting things to hear such a precious daughter of our Heavenly Father call me something so sweet. I am a daughter of god and she most definitely is too, one of the most precious. It was one of those moments where you needed to hear something that you didn’t even realize you needed to hear. A tender mercy of the Lord. I love my Heavenly Father and I am constantly reminded that he loves me too. I may not always feel like I’m good enough, but I’m always enough to feel like I’m good. I don’t really have anything else to say for this post, I just thought I’d share my joy :D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

College is Not the Place to Go for Ideas

I am in college.
I have been in college for a semester and a half altogether now, but it has not been until this semester that I’ve finally understood people who say, “I LOVE COLLEGE!!” because I do too! This semester has been fantastic and I have some of the greatest roommates on the planet. The amazing thing about all of us though? Each girl is completely different from the next and it doesn’t get in the way! In fact, I may be so bold as to say that’s part of the reason we love each other so much.
Dannielle is this adorable, gorgeous blonde girl from Utah that loves people immediately and knows everyone. She’s the kind of girl that is happy ALL THE TIME but in the best way possible. She doesn’t impose her joy upon you, it’s just infecting. Plus, she’s an amazing dancer and super random and crazy. Also, in a small world moment, she can ride a unicycle too! Honestly, what are the odds that the only other girl I've ever met that can ride a unicycle would end up being my roommate?? Its fantastiiic!
April, her roommate, is hilarious and loves basketball and cop shows. She’s from Oregon and she’s completely down to earth, and is the person that everyone goes to for advice. She also has an extreme infinity for black men which I think is wonderful :) haha!
Peyton, is possibly the sweetest person alive. She’s completely drama free which is definitely a plus in my book. When I say she’s a complete sweetheart I mean it in the sense that she see’s the best in everyone, but she knows how to crack a joke, even if she doesn’t mean it. Also, she’s from Southern Virginia and has the cutest accent ever. Window ---> Winda. Cute. As. A. Button.
Sarah is Peyton’s roommate and is sarcastic, funny and super little but I love her and she’s got an awesome story. She lived in Turkey for a couple years but has since moved back to Oregon and has just done some pretty sweet things. She’s also a pretty great guitar player and I love jamming with her.
Last but not least, Karen! She is my room roommate and she’s sooo funny. She too is from Oregon, she’s an art major and loves video games (she’s going into gaming animation), Japan and everything to do with it and the word “freaking”. I love her, she’s really easy to get along with. To quote her, “what the heck ever man!” Oh! also an RM, sweet right?

The “Hoes of 105” so called by April have had some rockin adventures already. We have trekked around the sand dunes, shopped, cooked together, made almost weekly runs to G's Dairy and had a random, freestyle jam session with mustaches on, got horked and built the most epic fort that has ever hit the apartments of Rexburg! And that my friends, is not a joke.

All in all, this semester is adding up to be amazazing. And that's a fact.