Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stuff I've Learned This Past Week...

So, I thought I'd take the challenge from the blog of my friend Kyli Larson to write about everything I've learned this week.

1. Sleep Deprivation does things to you.
I know I know, obviously right? But you see, I've never had any serious effects from it. I don't get loopy unless it’s been more than 72 hours, I don't get crabby, and I have never fallen asleep at the wheel or anything of the sort. But as I was running on less than 9 hours of sleep in the last 3 days, I got home from church after subbing for primary, and was going to watch a movie when I realized I was REALLY SAD. Not just a, oh it’s been a long day, sort of a sad, but just straight up depressed! Which, at this point, in my life is pretty unusual. I'M in control of my happiness, but this time I couldn't control it. So, I went to bed, took a 4 hour nap, and woke up as dapper as usual!

2. Being single is not a difficult thing to be.
It might be a difficult problem to deal with emotionally, but staying single, the act itself, is not a hard one to accomplish. Haha Trust me, I've been doing it for a while... *sigh*

3. I have an incredible Mother that people love and trust deeply.
I already knew this, but it is reconfirmed on a regular, almost constant basis. Plus, I get the privilege of looking (as everyone says) JUST like her! And, I'm grateful for that because she's a babe.

4. Tin foil dinners are AMAZING. Enough said.

5. Procrastination is foolish.
It's also stressful, time consuming in a way you never anticipate, and makes everything worse. Including your work and mood.

6. Making new friends is wonderful!
I love people, and learning about them, loving them for who they are and being able to serve and make people happy is awesome. I'm so glad the Lord didn't put me on this earth alone, because I would probably never change or become a better person. I'm also grateful for new friends that set a good example for me.

7. There's nothing quite like spending time and talking with old friends.
When you can just be perfectly yourself, and they love you because of and in-spite of it. When you can talk about anything that comes to your mind without worrying about how they'll react or think! It's an amazing thing. Family is the same way, they're the oldest friends I have.

8. I would know if someone had been in or was in my house if they moved anything in my kitchen.
I came home from church today, thinking that I was home alone, and realized that the cereal on the counter had been moved. And the funnies had been folded up and replaced by the main section (same locations almost exactly, mind you) on the table. I froze and started yelling, "HELLO!!! Who is HERE?!"
My dad groaned from upstairs. Apparently he was home sick and had just come down for something to eat. I will admit though, I was a wee bit proud of myself for noticing.

9. Group dates are great :)
Especially when they involve awesome people, singing, and bowling... all at the same time. :) gotta love it!

10. When your friend goes to China and then comes back, you WILL be happy to see him.
I promise.

11. The General Relief Society Broadcast was AMAZING. I have such a great love for President Thomas S. Monson. What an incredible man, to have the ability to invoke love from millions of people that have never met him. I am excited to one day sit down beside him and talk with him, whenever that may be.

That's all I've got for right now... Haha I'm sure there's more but I can't think of it.
Life is great. Conference is going to be Awesomespice (as always), and it's this coming weekend!
You are all wonderful people, Carry on :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Unexpected Answer

"What if it's not enough?" she cried
while down upon her knees
"I try my hardest everyday
and still don't feel at ease.

"I know I can be doing more,
but dear Lord, tell me what.
I've opened all the doors I can
but now they all seem shut!"

She was kneeling at her bedside
as she gave this humble plea.
Her heart was full of anguish
and was longing to be free.

She knew God loved her dearly
and had faith in all he'd planned
but she knew that she must choose herself
to follow his command.

But she was at a turning point
she knew not what was next
she wanted to do what was asked of her
but was entirely perplexed.

"I'll give up everything I have
so I may better choose the right,
I want to be all that I can,
I want to follow in the light!"

"I hope someday to be like him,
my brother, savior, friend.
Help me to follow in his way
so I might achieve this end.

"He's patient, kind, long suffering;
he gave his life for me.
The very least that I can do
is what Thou asks of me.

"The problem is," she whispered,
"I'm not sure of what to do
but, to be like Christ I know for sure
I must give my will to you."

She ended her pray with a quick amen
and climbed into her bed
and followed promptings day by day
with that prayer running through her head.

She started helping others out
their burdens became her own
and she loved each person as herself,
let them know they were not alone.

Because it gave her joy
She helped people in distress,
and soon her prayers were different
she stopped feeling so depressed.

"Help Billy, he is sick in bed.
And Sarah also has a cold.
And poor Aunt Jane just broke her hip!
I know she's getting old.

"Make sure she knows I love her
and I'll do the things she cant.
I'll cook and clean and paint her nails
and tell her she's the greatest Aunt."

Soon she started to realize
all her problems were forgot
once she started serving
she had all the love she'd sought!

So she continued on her way
as merry as can be
"because," she thought "the Savior taught,
come and follow me."

She heard not to long after that
a prophet's admonition,
"Forget yourself and go to work!"
and smiled, for that was her mission.

- Elisabeth Crawford

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Ride a Unicycle

A while ago, whilst talking to my uncle on the phone, I mentioned that I ride a unicycle. Now, I would consider myself relatively close to my uncles considering the distance between us, but because of the distance they don’t see a whole lot of what goes on in my life. So, as I was saying, I mentioned to my uncle that I ride a unicycle and he said to me, “ You know, of all the people I’ve ever met in my life, you would be the person I’d expect to be able to ride a unicycle.”
The more I’ve thought about the more I’ve realized that he’s probably right.
I like strange things. I like doing and knowing and participating in things most people have never tried.

I can ride a unicycle.
I taught myself to play a ukulele way before I ever devoted much time to the guitar.
I’m currently teaching myself to read brail. (It’s a lot harder than in looks)
I often start random dance numbers with my family in our kitchen while making dinner.
I love bubbles.
I love swinging on play ground swingsets.
I enjoy pretending I can sing like Snow White whenever I shiver or drive over white washed roads.
I find singing like a man to be hilarious. Especially while in a duet with my brother singing like a woman.


And with that strange, out of the boxedness I seem to possess comes an immeasurable amount of entertainment.
I don’t really get bored.
Don’t get me wrong, there are moments in which I have lulls in my day. Moments where I feel the need to get out and DO something! But, in those moments, I simply entertain myself with… thoughts. I create stories in my head, I think about… what if’s and how come’s. I simply use my imagination.
When looking around at children now I’ve come to realize that’s something that’s seriously lacking. I’m not saying that we have to eliminate all video games, t.v. or anything like that but, I do want to see girls having make believe tea parties (or hot chocolate parties, as I called them) and playing dress up. Or boys running around like army men or pirates, playing cowboys and Indians instead of simply watching movies about the real thing! I hope that when I’m a mom I play make believe and help create worlds for my children, worlds of wonder, that they couldn’t see anywhere else. I want to create a place for them where anything is possible.

I guess this is a bit of a rambling, disconnected tangent. But I just wanted to say, if you ever have the chance…

Learn how to ride a unicycle.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I don't understand...

How to make my blog look the way I want. And, quite frankly, my ineptitude it's getting ridiculous. If anyone knows what they are doing, they should let me know. Mkay? Thanks :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Every... Single... DAY!

I have been in a strange mood toady. A happy, silly whimsical mood! and I've also decided that I need to start posting more. Like maybe daily. Yes.. welll, okay YES. haha It will happen because I have made up my mind. And self mastery is the greatest form of self respect right? Right.

First off I would like to say that texting conversations can be extremely annoying. EXPECT for when you are talking about something hilarious and you know the person you are talking to well enough that you imagine everything they are saying and the inflection and facial expressions with which they are saying it. SO funny. Emily, we are indeed full of laughter making.

I love church. It's one of the best ways to start out the week, don't you think so? I went to my family ward today because I sang a duet with my Father. My dad is talented. I’m grateful for his and my mother’s genes because they helped to develop the talents I have now! We sang Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee and my little brother Ben played a partial accompaniment on his Violin. He’s getting to be very good, I am so proud of him. And Ethan is as adorable as ever. Haha he kept dozing off to sleep in church on Sunday. It was pretty funny because every time his head would nod I’d poke him and he’d jolt up. Then I went to the singles ward and had a good Gospel Doctrine lesson on Johan and the Whale (or if you want to be technical, very large fish.)! We even colored! I love singles ward. Haha!

My mom and I talk about some crazy things. Things I don’t think anyone else ever talks about. Haha it’s pretty funny. And, My dad tell the most lame, most hilarious jokes and I love it because he laughs at them and pokes you like he's the funniest man on the planet, it's so great. My dad is an amazing man, I would be lucky to marry someone as good to me as he is to my mother. Oh! My little brother Ben is FIFTEEN! His birthday was on the 7th. That’s so strange. He’s really a legitimate teenager now, I can't ignore it anymore. He’s in high school and everything! And, he joined cross country! *sigh* what I wouldn’t give.

For Labor day my family all went hiking up in this BEAUTIFUL spot that is really not to far away. I love it. It’s up in the mountains and it’s called blue lake. You have to hike a mile down into it and in the summer you can swim and there are camping spots and rocks to leap off of and it is simply breath taking. If the Telestial kingdom’s beauty is equal to that of this Earth then I can understand when people say that everyone will find happiness in the kingdom they are in because the Earth is breathtaking. The Lord sure does know what he’s doing. It just makes me all the more excited for the glory of the Celestial Kingdom! I’m so glad I have knowledge of the truth. I can’t imagine not being able to have joy and excitement for both sides of life. Knowing even a sliver of what the Lord has in store for me is amazing. Nothing will keep me from that.

Sometimes… I like to go off-roading in a truck bed. And stand up while doing so! It’s a blast, especially when the guy is driving like a manic. Safety did not come first in this case! After we got up deep into the mountains we had a huge jam session and I played three of the songs I’ve written and people actually really liked them! I was so excited! Nervous. But it was exciting. I often feel like I live in my own little bubble of thoughts and that when I express them artistically no one but the Lord understands simply because… my expressions can be such a personal part of me; it’s personal even when the songs aren’t about me, they might be about… what I want for myself or don’t want or just… ya. Anyways, they were hits and it was exciting! I have found a pretty solid group of people here and I love Boise.

I have finished two whole books this week! One was A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson, and the other was Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Good STUFF. I have gotten in a bad habit of not reading enough. Sometimes I simply forget and I don’t understand how because reading is delightful and as satisfying as breathing or eating for me so this must be remedied. But it has fallen by the wayside as of late and I am determined to Good Samaritan as quickly as possible!

Well, that's really all I have for today. So, in the parting words of a pretty good country song, God is great. Milk is good. And, people are crazy. :D