Sunday, October 24, 2010


It’s been raining all day today, the kind of rain that will drizzle for hours, that casts a blue glow around the house. This is the kind of rain that seeps into your bones; the kind of rain that washes out the old and brings in the new. And it’s the kind of day that makes you really think about your life, not to feel good or bad about it, but merely reflective.

I have spent a great deal of my time since coming home from church in my old green rocking chair in the corner of my bedroom with my window open, knitting away to the rhythm of the rain. My mother cradled us in that rocking chair on nights when we couldn’t sleep. I love it. It’s a gliding rocking chair and there’s a point that it hits when you rock back just far enough and balance there that it locks in a recline. That’s probably my favorite spot in the whole house, curled up in a blanket with a good book or a set of knitting needles and an old classic.

            I’m in the middle of reading Atlas Shrugged and I like it very much. The characters are fascinating and I’ve learned more about trains that I probably ever will again. It’s amazing to read about characters that are so different from yourself. I always find myself wishing to develop characteristics like theirs; the passionate dedication, the poise with which they hold themselves, the lack of concern for other’s opinions, even sometimes the ability to be so… certain. But then again, they are written to be exactly that way.

Books have taught me that even in the worst characters there is something to gain by knowing them. And in books, sometimes, you know the characters better than the people you know in your own life. You know their thoughts and reactions, what makes them happy and what makes them sad. If everyone came with a book describing them… can you imagine? I’ve always wondered if I would like the character my life would present me as if my life were a book…

I love October, and I love the drizzle that comes with fall. Mmmmm Sweater weather, hot chocolate and a need to feel and be as cozy as possible. There’s nothing better.
At least…not until next season… and the next… and the next…


  1. Wow... you are an amazing writer. And you're gorgeous. I got nostalgic reading that.

  2. You speak so poetically! I love it! i really think you should major in something that has to do with english or writing. you're amazing!

  3. Thanks ladies!
    and I was going to Beki... unfortunately, I can't make ANY money doing that so... I will stick to blogging I think :)

  4. your hair is FANTASTIC! my mom's a redhead and I always wished i would have inherited that trait.