Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Unexpected Answer

"What if it's not enough?" she cried
while down upon her knees
"I try my hardest everyday
and still don't feel at ease.

"I know I can be doing more,
but dear Lord, tell me what.
I've opened all the doors I can
but now they all seem shut!"

She was kneeling at her bedside
as she gave this humble plea.
Her heart was full of anguish
and was longing to be free.

She knew God loved her dearly
and had faith in all he'd planned
but she knew that she must choose herself
to follow his command.

But she was at a turning point
she knew not what was next
she wanted to do what was asked of her
but was entirely perplexed.

"I'll give up everything I have
so I may better choose the right,
I want to be all that I can,
I want to follow in the light!"

"I hope someday to be like him,
my brother, savior, friend.
Help me to follow in his way
so I might achieve this end.

"He's patient, kind, long suffering;
he gave his life for me.
The very least that I can do
is what Thou asks of me.

"The problem is," she whispered,
"I'm not sure of what to do
but, to be like Christ I know for sure
I must give my will to you."

She ended her pray with a quick amen
and climbed into her bed
and followed promptings day by day
with that prayer running through her head.

She started helping others out
their burdens became her own
and she loved each person as herself,
let them know they were not alone.

Because it gave her joy
She helped people in distress,
and soon her prayers were different
she stopped feeling so depressed.

"Help Billy, he is sick in bed.
And Sarah also has a cold.
And poor Aunt Jane just broke her hip!
I know she's getting old.

"Make sure she knows I love her
and I'll do the things she cant.
I'll cook and clean and paint her nails
and tell her she's the greatest Aunt."

Soon she started to realize
all her problems were forgot
once she started serving
she had all the love she'd sought!

So she continued on her way
as merry as can be
"because," she thought "the Savior taught,
come and follow me."

She heard not to long after that
a prophet's admonition,
"Forget yourself and go to work!"
and smiled, for that was her mission.

- Elisabeth Crawford

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