Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Ride a Unicycle

A while ago, whilst talking to my uncle on the phone, I mentioned that I ride a unicycle. Now, I would consider myself relatively close to my uncles considering the distance between us, but because of the distance they don’t see a whole lot of what goes on in my life. So, as I was saying, I mentioned to my uncle that I ride a unicycle and he said to me, “ You know, of all the people I’ve ever met in my life, you would be the person I’d expect to be able to ride a unicycle.”
The more I’ve thought about the more I’ve realized that he’s probably right.
I like strange things. I like doing and knowing and participating in things most people have never tried.

I can ride a unicycle.
I taught myself to play a ukulele way before I ever devoted much time to the guitar.
I’m currently teaching myself to read brail. (It’s a lot harder than in looks)
I often start random dance numbers with my family in our kitchen while making dinner.
I love bubbles.
I love swinging on play ground swingsets.
I enjoy pretending I can sing like Snow White whenever I shiver or drive over white washed roads.
I find singing like a man to be hilarious. Especially while in a duet with my brother singing like a woman.


And with that strange, out of the boxedness I seem to possess comes an immeasurable amount of entertainment.
I don’t really get bored.
Don’t get me wrong, there are moments in which I have lulls in my day. Moments where I feel the need to get out and DO something! But, in those moments, I simply entertain myself with… thoughts. I create stories in my head, I think about… what if’s and how come’s. I simply use my imagination.
When looking around at children now I’ve come to realize that’s something that’s seriously lacking. I’m not saying that we have to eliminate all video games, t.v. or anything like that but, I do want to see girls having make believe tea parties (or hot chocolate parties, as I called them) and playing dress up. Or boys running around like army men or pirates, playing cowboys and Indians instead of simply watching movies about the real thing! I hope that when I’m a mom I play make believe and help create worlds for my children, worlds of wonder, that they couldn’t see anywhere else. I want to create a place for them where anything is possible.

I guess this is a bit of a rambling, disconnected tangent. But I just wanted to say, if you ever have the chance…

Learn how to ride a unicycle.

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  1. I totally tried to ride one!! I failed miserably! But it was so much fun! So glad I had awesome talented roommmates interested in strange random things to have been able to teach me how to ride a unicycle! Thank you Elisabeth!!