Monday, August 02, 2010

Dreams Feel Real While We're In Them. It's Only When We Wake Up That We Realize Something Was Actually Strange.

I got to see my older brother last Monday for the first time in forever! I saw him only once after I’d left for spring semester and so it’d been quite a few months since we'd gotten together. My mom treated us to a movie and so we went to see Inception! It is honestly one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. It has a genius, creative plot only parallel to, perhaps, The Prestige and even then... Not even quite as good I love it. Haha it’s a movie you walk out of that you want to walk into immediately again. The perfectly tailored suits (I would notice that..), the graphics, the acting! All superb. Do you know what I mean? Anyways, it is definitely my list of movies to buy. After we got out of the movie we looked out the front windows to see it POURING rain. It was pretty much a monsoon, a glorious lightning filled monsoon. I was ecstatic! All the girls in the lobby were squirming and squealing about their hairdos while my brother and I stroll out the doors, eager to be in the downpour. It’s funny, I feel sometimes as though rain helps me breathe. When I’m in it, I feel as though I suddenly realize that I’ve been holding my breath and that I have slowly been suffocating in air that’s dryer than Hades. Then, the rain touches my skin, the humidity in the air reaches my lungs and soaks through my hair and I can really breath again. When the thunder shakes the air and the lightning charge lifts the hair off the back of your neck? Ah! I love it! Haha Thunder and lightning storms make me so happy.

Moral of this Blog? First, Now we people ask what job, out of any in the world, I would choose to have, I will be answering- An Inception Artist! Second, I would love to have a thunder and lightning storm to frolic through right now. Third, My brother is a pretty cool guy.

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  1. well let me make your day a few times a week!