Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beautiful People

As I walk through campus every day I see beautiful people. They’re everywhere here! And I don’t just mean sweet spirits, but genuinely attractive people. And it makes me wonder, do they know that there are people walking by on campus that are admiring their beauty? What would the world be if we all told the people we found attractive that we found them attractive? I think the world would be more confident, there would be more dates, more smiles and less time spent worrying about whether or not that cute guy in your science class things you’re attractive. Then again, if it that did happen, I would be worried that everyone would be stressing that no one would ever say anything. That would be traumatic. Unfortunately, it would be hard for me to go more than a few feet, on this campus without stopping someone to tell them. I honestly think that the BYU campuses may have the most attractive people in the world wandering around. Men, women, it doesn’t matter; Heavenly Father is a creative genius.

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