Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Washington D.C. Chronicles (Part I)

I love this place.
In fact, I would love to live her forever and ever with no responsibilities except hiking with my Uncle or Aunt and finding a way to buy food for myself. It is beautifully green here, there are lovely rolling hills and the weather right now is sublime. I might miss the mountains though. Mountains are great. But, today my mother and my aunt and I went on a lovely 3.5 mile hike in Prince William Forrest. The leaves covered the ground and the buds of new life littered the branches and it was down right magical.

This trip really has been an amazing experience and I'm finding myself distraught at the thought of having to leave. What I'll miss the most is spending so much time with my family. I'm so grateful that families are eternal because it would stink to spend so much time with people, love them so much, and then never be able to see them again. So thank goodness for eternity!

I suppose I should go back and tell you about my adventures here. We left early early and got here around six. The next day we were up by 6:30 ( 4:30a.m. my time! yuck) and were out the door to visit the National Mall. First up was a
tour of the Capitol Building! Did you know that in the giant rotunda (the round thing in the middle) you can fit the ENTIRE statue of liberty with room to spare?! Well, you can. It's pretty amazing. The cool thing about that is though, it doesn't look like you can. The proportions are perfect so that it feels nice and homey. At least as homey as anything dealing with politics can be. From there we went to the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum. Both are awesome and it was nice to go back and see them from a perspective that didn't involve my eyes being at the level of most people's navels. Also, they're completely FREE which is great in and of itself. We also so an albino squirrel! That was pretty neat.
After that my Uncle (Whom we will call The King) and my great Aunt met up with us and we went to dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant. It was incredible food. That's another thing I've loved about D.C., it has some wonderful restaurants.
That night we saw all of the monuments on the Mall. They're beautiful at night and have a sobering spirit about them. There is a reverence in the darkness that isn't there during the day.
Here are a few pictures,

WWII Memorial

This is the WWII memorial
My little brother and the King at the WWII mem
Korean War Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam Memorial (The envelopes at the bottom are full of letters written to fathers, bothers and sons that died in the war and even letters to the war itself)

It was a great night even though it was FREEZING! We made it home after midnight that night with tender feet and happy yet very drowsy faces.

I think that's all write for now because the pizza has just arrived!

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