Friday, March 02, 2012

A Forever Processes

I really love to learn. Ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell you that I want to know everything....
But really though.
But, I find it an interesting phenomenon in that the times I seem to learn the most in my life are the times I'm least eager to do what it takes to learn. When it's hard, when it hurts, when I want to just stop learning and sleep for a while. But, I've also come to find that those are the times I'm most grateful for later in life. I'm grateful that I broke my elbow because now I'm almost entirely ambidextrous. I'm grateful for people that have hurt me because they taught me that I want to be kind and never make people feel the way I've been made to feel. I'm grateful for bad hair days because it makes me appreciate when my hair decides to be awesome!
So. From that perspective, these are ALL good days, right? So what I really need to do is learn that the struggle is part of it. And appreciate the hard in the moment because it's those days that make me good.
I'm learning... and it's a forever process.


  1. I really agree with this. Oh and PS I love you Elisabeth :)

  2. This was AWESOME! Even though I'm not in school and I'm a stay at home mom... this applies to me... I am learning EVERY SINGLE DAY I wake up and I LOVE IT! Nothing like becoming a better person and human being... or striving to be anyway :)

    I wish I could go back to school someday... *sigh*... maybe... :)

    CONGRATS on being accepted to BYU. That is fantastic!

    Not sure how I found you... but I hope you don't mind if I'm your newest follower? :)


    1. Thank you, Jacy! I'm honored to have you as my newest follower, but I must warn you, I'm taking about an 18 month hiatus to serve a mission, so I might be a tad quiet for a while :)