Sunday, January 16, 2011

I forget sometimes..

I sometimes forget how much I love making things. 

Especially when it comes to making things that would have cost me boat loads of moneys. Like a lovely comfy skirt from gap that would have cost me $4o! 

Instead, I took a picture of it, and then went to the fabric store with a coupon, paid about $3 and made it at home. LOVE love love doing that. Especially when half way through I realize, "wait a minute! I don't actually know how to sew anything but a straight line... hopefully this will work!" and it DOES. 
This weekend has been productive. and happy :) love it. 

Here's the skirt :)

 Gotta love the quality of cell phone pictures. Especially when they are taken by your little brother when you're not actually ready.


  1. your skirt is so cute! i love your blog... i'm a new follower! xo

  2. I want more pictures! Elisabeth you have out-crafted me and I love it!