Thursday, February 09, 2012

Grooming Habits

Now I don't know about you, but who doesn't like a well groomed person? Everyone wants to look good and, in turn, feel good right? I don't mind the teeth brushing in the bedroom (though flossing is VERY different) and I don't think it's bad to comb through your hair a few times before leaving your vehicle. But, this? This is another matter entirely.

I am a substitute teacher. I work a couple days a week and I generally love it. I will say though, there are some days.... oi. 
On this particular day I went in, nervous already, to the "alternative" (read- for delinquents) high school in Provo. I was teaching an all grade Art class and the only instructions online were, "See office for emergency substitute plans."


So, I was so  ready for the day. When I got there the "emergency lesson plan" was to have the kids make origami cranes. This was a plan that lasted all of... well depending on the kids, 5-35 min. Step by step instructions are hard for some kids. Especially when they try to read upside down. But that wasn't the hard part. After the origami I pretty much let them have a free period to do whatever art they wanted. Most slept. One kid got... suggestively mouthy and I sent him to the office. But one girl. 

Let me paint the picture for you. This girl was... for lack of a better description- a Chola. Black lipliner, extensions with poofed hair, marshmallow jacket, skinny jeans ending in spiked boots. She didn't talk much and finished her paper crane quickly. For most of the period she just sat there, but near the end, 10-15 minutes before class was over she picked her purse off the ground and opened it to take out...
a full on WEAVE. She then took out a brush and began to groom said weave. She brushed silently while I sat there, mouth agape, looking around and trying to figure out why no one else thought this was strange. No one else reacted! Apparently this was a normal free time activity! 

Either way, I didn't say anything. I figured it was harmless and significantly less destructive than other things she could have done. So I let it be and she just sat there, brushing "her" hair, and then, when the bell rang, shoved it back into her purse and left.


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  1. Wow. I just don't even know what to say...

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